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Phone: 310.460.8031
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Tiffany Piano Studio
About the Studio

Rhodes KeyboardAt Tiffany Piano Studio we specialize in private piano and vocal instruction taught by young, hip, and fun teachers. Curriculum is specifically tailored to student's interests, style and level of proficiency-from beginner to advanced. Students range from 6 to 75-year-olds. Our goal is to make music education fun and exhilarating for our students, while still providing a structured learning approach that's necessary to achieve the skills they need to enjoy music for a lifetime. Most importantly, we strive to relate to each individual student's learning style and musical interests.

A typical piano lesson will involve: technique, traditional studies, and a song of the student's choosing. Students can choose any song they want: pop, rock, TV, movie themes, jazz, blues, Cold Play, Green Day, Chopin, Lincoln Park, etc. Songs will be arranged to fit a student's individual needs.

A typical vocal lesson will involve: technique, warm ups, breath control exercises, and a song of the student's choosing. All vocal lessons are recorded and given to the student at the end of the lesson for practice.Studio Recital

At Tiffany Piano Studio we are dedicated to teaching students the essentials of piano and vocal performance, reading music, and discovering the joy of creating music. Students will learn to read, perform, and have fun while doing so. Private lessons ensure that each student has the undivided attention of the teacher and they progress at a level suited to their needs. In addition to private instruction in piano and voice, we have regular recitals that give interested students a chance to experience performing in front of an audience, enhancing the student's learning experience.


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